Friday, 11 April 2008

Radio Birdsong

With the demise of two of its stations, the UK Digital One network has taken to broadcasting 24 hour birdsong (and other countryside noises in the background - cars, light aircraft!?!) on one of its channels.

Being woken up by woodpigeons, rooks, geese, pheasants and assorted twitterers is a much more sane way to start the day than other radio channels or alarms.

Point your browser here to listen online.

I've just obtained the following from my friends over at

Birdsong channel on UK DAB Radio (the sound of the British countryside)
UK DAB Radio Birdsong channel originally recorded for the test transmission of Classic FM prior to its launch in 1992. Has recently been reinstated for a limited period due to the closure of Oneword. Since the beginning of April 2008, the Birdsong channel has been upgraded to stereo and currently broadcasts 24 hours a day. The transmission repeats every 37 minutes.

The transmission is also available online as a flash audio stream at:

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FlashBangBob said...

Wow thanks, I just had a listen and it sounds very civilised indeed. I live in Australia and it's interesting to hear bird sounds that are quite different from my own backyard :-)