Wednesday, 20 February 2008

On the NHS

To those who insist on rubbishing the NHS despite the facts, I give the following quotes from the politicians for whom we vote,made within days of each other this January:

Gordon Brown"...with its unique offer of healthcare free for all at the point of need, it has liberated all of us from the fears of unaffordable treatment and untreated illness. But as we begin to celebrate the achievements of the NHS over the last 60 years, it is also right that - as new technologies emerge, as expectations rise, and as healthcare needs change - we look ahead and continue to reform and renew the NHS for the future.

David Cameron"I want us to create a culture of shared responsibility, in which each and every one of us understands that a publicly-funded health service, freely available to all, means a collective commitment to public health, sincerely made by all. We are proud of the NHS and we're optimistic about its future.

Nick Clegg "The battle for extra investment has largely been won, but the service we are getting is simply not good enough. ... The question is not 'how much', but 'how we spend the money' so that everyone gets the healthcare they need."

The only leader of a nationally represented party that directly criticised the current performance of the NHS is the only one that stands no chance of forming the next government. If there was a viable alternative way of providing cost effective quality healthcare in the UK don't you think that at least one serious party would be advocating it?

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